Sep 12, 2018

In 2006 AST Oceanics was awarded a contract to provide a fast surveillance and patrol vessel to the Australian Border Force for inclusion in its Australian Northern waters patrol program.

The contract involved the charter and mobilisation of the Gardline Shipping owned vessel RV TRITON from UK to Australia via Singapore for vessel modifications and then operation of the 98 meter trimaran hulled vessel across 2006 – 2015 within the Australian EEZ, Southern Indian Ocean and beyond in response to Australian Border Force national tasking. Preparations of the TRITON for the contract included a short duration, intense activity involving : the appointment of appropriate AST Oceanics technical management staff; designing and constructing additional accommodation within the side pods of the vessel; construction of survivor accommodation in the forward hold; the purchase and installation of a new sewage treatment system installed through the side of the main hull whilst in dry dock; installation of deck mounted containers for hospital, gym, accommodation and storage purposes; additional internal stores capacity and, a range of other work packages required by the client. Subsequently, both main engines have been changed out so as to significantly improve the reliability and economic operation, thereby enhancing the vessels operational value to the ABF.

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