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“AST Oceanics Team Effort”

AST Oceanics again demonstrate their flexibility with a recent engagement to service an extended maintenance availability at short notice. The team all represented a key role in ensuring the program ran smoothly thus providing the client with a no fuss solution.

Appreciation goes out to the crew and to their families for their understanding during these unexpected periods away from home. It is only due to the passion and commitment of our employees that we are able to offer such solutions during what is still unpredictable territory.

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ASTOs latest addition…. M2 Underwater ROV

AST Oceanics recently purchased an M2 Underwater ROV to assist with our expanding capabilities. These powerful, remotely operated underwater vehicles can be used for vessel maintenance for a variety of tasks including hull Inspections, assisting in repair work, pre-docking visual preps and much more. The M2 maximum  diving depth is up to 100m and it is fitted with flood lights and cameras which can be used to record stills or video.

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Successful Caterpillar Generator Installation in ABFC THAIYAK

Recently the AST Oceanics technical team successfully project managed the change out of the THAIYAK’s C9 Caterpillar Genset series with new Caterpillar 7.1 series gensets. The new gensets have improved automation,  fuel economy, increased reliability, and noise and vibration reduction. This was a demanding technical task that had to be completed during a 28 day maintenance activity including meeting stringent and class society requirements.
Photo: Final exhaust system integrity checks being conducted by ASTO’s own Chief Engineer and Service Period Master

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Welcome Back TRITON

ASTO farewelled the 98m trimaran TRITON in late 2015 after 8 years of continuous service on Northern waters patrol with Australian Border Force. We are  pleased to announce ASTO has again been entrusted with the ship. In August 2020 the vessel owners, FORCECORE, contracted ASTO to manage TRITON which is presently in layup in Hull, England, pending sale / charter. The tyranny of distance coupled with COVID travel restrictions required us to engage a Technical Superintendent in the UK to perform onsite technical management of the ship. We welcome back TRITON into the fold and our newest member of the ASTO team, marine engineer Dan Johnston.

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